Wednesday, June 02, 2004

spellings ...

i was reading a post last night on prashant's blog on spelling mistakes - got me thinking about an old article i had read several years ago about simplifying the english language by making it fonetically more relevant. thanks to google, i was able to track it down on the internet. the article puts forth a few "simple" rules:

if i deside to implement al ce rules (ai am alredy strugling to do so, alreadi mising several), cen as ce aucor seis, cer wud b kaos in ce klasrum. ai eim going to tri cis riting lik cis for sum tim. let mi se hou long ai kan kuntinu doing cis. it has alreadi taken me about ten minits to get cis part riten out. and i cink i am going to giv up.

but cis meihem in ce klasrum wud sertunli be kaotic and hilarious. cank god we do not tri to mak lif seimpler. i wud huwever sertainly lik to konsider ce removal of ce the leter "c" from ce alfabet in order to mak mor moni availabl to impruving ce lot of ce komon man in our kuntri. mi apologis for not bing abl to do adequat justis to ce topik.

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