Monday, April 11, 2005

World Cup Final deja vu

nothing seemed to have changed at all ... it was almost exactly like the world cup final of 2003 (india v/s australia). the aussies batting first and posting a very good score, and india crumbling under the pressure (even , except this time it was the final of the women's edition. led by some excellent batting up front by vice captain karen rolton, the aussie women beat the indians by 98 runs to claim their fifth world cup final victory. one of the interesting facts was that the second highest scorer for the aussies was Lisa Carprini Sthalekar - born in Pune(!) and now plays for New South Wales.

QUIZ UPDATE: The quiz questions for this week have been added - check here for the questions. The topic for this week is Indian Literature.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gmail is still increasing the mail quota !

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Indian bloggers: Join the protest against the villain of Kargil watching a game of cricket in India. It would be quite an insult to the memory of the soldiers who died on the heights of Kashmir in 1999, to those like Saurabh Kalia who were made the victims of terrible torture in violation of international norms on treatment of captured enemy soldiers. Yesterday's attack on the Tourist Reception Center in Srinagar can ultimately be blamed on Musharraf's continuing support of terrorist activities. Hopefully better sense will prevail in the INdian government and will refuse him permission to 'enjoy' the game on April 17.

THe above image will be displayed in protest of Musharraf's visit to India. Feel free to copy the image and paste it on your blog/website too. Here is a list of other participating blogs.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Google's April fool ....

Its been exactly one year since Google launched its Gmail service. Launching an email service offering 1Gb of disk space on Fool's day had everyone convinced that it was the best April Fool's day stunt in recent history. Hardly anyone bought it ... and Google was running around telling everyone who was willing to listen that it was for real. And the BBC said, that Timing made Google the April Fool!

A year down the road, here is what Google is saying. They are offering another gigabyte of disk space - again, being Fool's day its hard to believe. Visit the gmail website and you will realize that the disk space they are offering is continuously being increased every instant. Right now, my gmail accounts have reached 1389 MB - certainly higher than the 1GB. Google has set this crazy thing in motion, and every Fool's day will now be one to look forward to as Gmail takes another step in a direction completely unforeseen, and which we wont know for sure if its true until April 2!!

[Its been a few minutes since the original post, and now my account quota has gone upto 1397 MB.] Here is what the gmail front page looks like today: