Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sell at your own peril ...

Interesting point from a Motley Fool column earlier today:

Consider this approach instead: Sell your stocks when you want to buy a house, furniture, or other major purchase. Sell when you have too much in stocks and you want to buy some bonds, gold, or collectibles. Sell when you have too much in any one stock. But sell a stock, or a dicey market like this one, on valuation alone, at your own peril.

Basically, what he says is buy and HOLD HOLD HOLD ... and if you do sell, make sure you really have a very very very very darn good reason to sell apart from just getting off the table ... easier said than done i'd say ... but then guys like Buffet have had so much success, there must be something to it !!

Monday, August 28, 2006

More stuff from Yahoo

After Yahoo Mail Beta, its the turn of Yahoo Finance to show something really cool. Check out the Yahoo Charts Beta - it seems to be built on the same engine as Yahoo Mail Beta, looks just as sleek, and seems very useful. seems designed for guys who do a lot of TA ...

but very polished ... more after checking it out further ....

Monday, August 07, 2006


Steve Jobs will showcase the new Mac OS X 5 (Leopard) at the Apple developers' conference later today. Maybe even give a sneak peak at the new products pipeline - perhaps Apple's long talked about Ipod phone.

Hopefully, his product demo will be better than the one by Microsoft - a live one featuring voice recognition software in Vista. Its a dream come true situation for all the Microsoft bashers, check it out (hopefully, Jobs's presentation will be glitch-free - if not, then Apple will be truly ready to run Windows on its Macs!)