Tuesday, June 15, 2004

competition really does benefit all ....

i had mentioned in an earlier post about how the introduction of Gmail by Google with 1GB of quota had thrown the email services market into a frenzy. yahoo was also planning to introduce extra quota upto 100 MB. i logged in today to find my email quota at yahoo increased to 100MB - instead of showing "you are using 60% of your 6MB quota", it is now showing "you are using 3% of your 100MB quota" - yippeyahooo ..... !!!!

also, the T1 line for access to the internet from work was busted today ... so the whole day was spent without internet access ... made me realize how much the internet has become a part of life ... 10 whole hours without checking email or accessing the web - that too while being in front of the computer all the while was just a little too overwhelming!

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