Wednesday, June 23, 2004

hotmail is here ... CFD .... kanishka

after yahoo and rediff, hotmail is finally answering the call and will increase quota for free email accounts to 250 MB. it was only a matter of time before that happened. personally, i dont much care about it - but i am quite fascinated about how companies are rushing to counter gmail's 1GB to make sure that they do not lose subscribers over it. the email war certainly has benefited consumers. but hopefully, all the corporate forces do not unite and suddenly all decide to stop free email access - and make it a paid service only. it probably wont happen but its fun to come up with doomsday and conspiracy theory scenarios :)

on a totally different note, yahoo and hotmail are having their own way of retaliating to gmail - by blocking (or filtering as SPAM) invites and emails sent from gmail accounts. there are other reports too. apparently, its not just gmail but also with orkut invites. but it all sounds a little preposterous to me. yahoo certainly did not do this a few weeks ago, when i got a gmail invite - it was not filtered as spam. but hey, who cares anymore ... there is enough web-based storage right now to dump all the binaries in the world. it might almost be worth it to use it as a permanent (read ... till it becomes a paid service) backup drive .....

on a totally different note, the summer solstice (the longest day) came and went ... the sunrise here was at 5.34 am and sunset at 8.03pm. atanu's discussions at deeshaa continue to get more interesting .....

first post related to transport phenomena on this blog ... sauber is investing more money into a CFD dedicated supercomputer. FLUENT is providing the software.

Its 19 years to the day that Air India Flight 182 (Kanishka) was blown up over the Atlantic Ocean killing all 329 passengers on board.

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