Friday, June 25, 2004

new messenger on the block ....

i just upgraded to the latest version of yahoo messenger a couple of days - and it just rocks! its almost a combination of the best aspects of msn messenger and the old yahoo messenger and then some more ... all packaged with a snazzy cool looking interface. i particularly liked the "yahoo launch"capability, as well as the ability to directly invite users to yahoo games.

one of the coolest features is the "audibles " - check it out for yourself ... the only thing that seems to be missing is access to yahoo travel. a certain someone i know who works for travelocity was particularly peeved at this, since yahoo has a tie-up with TVLY. what pissed him off even more is that the msn messenger has a travel buttion that opens on to the expedia website :) - not that it matters to me particularly.

my tvly pal also pointed out to me how high school kids in india probably chat with each other over the internet and use these very same yahoo messenger with all its audibles and all ... almost made me start thinking about my own high school days - getting to see a computer was a cool thing - let alone knowing anything about the internet, chatting, etc. its been barely a decade since i got out of high school ... but a high school teenager's life seems to have changed dramatically since ... they probably turn in their homeworks by email!! or call up their friends over the internet ....

on a totally different note, Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 opens all over the US, but unfortunately, no theatre in my town is screening it :( - so its either wait for the DVD to come out, or go to some nearby city and watch it there!

while on movies, spiderman 2 opens next weekend - and in india, marvel comics has come up with their own indian version: peter parker of queens is replaced by pavitr prabhakar of mumbai, fighting rakshasa, the desi version of the green goblin !! wonder if there is a mary jane equivalent, hopefully she wont be paaro

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