Tuesday, May 25, 2004

the truth behind renunciation of the PM position?

Rajdeep Sardesai has tried to analyze the reasons behind Sonia Gandhi's decision to give up her chance to be PM of the country. It is, in my opinion, a well written article, with an objective outlook on things. He says
By opting out, she has been able to not just bury the foreign origins issue, but also given the space for Rahul Gandhi to become a political force in 2009, or whenever the next elections are held. After all, Sonia can now go into the next elections as some kind of a larger- than-life figure, who epitomizes the spirit of tyaag or sacrifice. What better way to ask for votes?
I think he has hit the nail on the head - my personal guess was that she opted out to make sure she does not jeopardize the chances of Rahul or Priyanka - they are just getting their feet wet in politics, and come the next election, might be the forerunners to lead the country. Rajdeep goes one step further and points out:
She will then be accused of being the remote control, who in Bal Thackeray-style has power without the responsibility of office. The last thing this country needs is a parallel authority at the very top of the executive chain. In this era of coalition politics, there will be enough that Dr Manmohan Singh will have to manage without having to look over his shoulder as to who is doing the backseat driving.
Hopefully, it will be a real government that Dr. Singh leads the country with, and not a mockery - a puppet who's strings are pulled by the leader in the Lower House. If Sonia is indeed able to leave governance to the government, then she may (in Rajdeep's words again) "well find herself on the path to political sainthood as a leader who really made a difference".

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