Monday, May 17, 2004


here is the first attempt at devanagari ...

Install Shivaji01 font to read this Devnagari page.

I have used Mahesh Velankar's dishaa editor to get the source. A big thanks to him.

ÔUla kaÐTÜM maoM iKlaa qaa
saoja pr maurJaa gayaa
jagamagaata ]Yaa - saa kMTkÜM maoM vah saumana
spXa- sao ]sako trMigat qaa
saurBaI vaahI pvana


1 comment:

Debashish said...

Using a unicode compliant open type font would be better since on one hand anybody who has just any unicode foint on his machine would be able to read your stuff (without depending on the particular TTF you use) on the other the text becomes accessible to search engines.