Thursday, May 20, 2004

got my gmail account a couple of days ago ... thanks to an invite from a good friend of mine (he is a regular visitor to this blog) and i am not sure he would like his name being announced here in this context! so far, i have not really started to use it, since i am way too used to my regular yahoo account. but 1 GB of quota is worth it anyday ...

google has given invites to very few - employees and their friends ... account holders also get to hand out invites. all this coupled with the GB of storage has made a google email account one of the most sought-after things on the internet ... including auctions on ebay and a special site (GmailSwap) dedicated purely to barter gmail invites for all sorts of things (from concert tickets, to DVDs to free webhosting ... and a lot of other unmentionable trades). slowly but surely, google is building up the hype leading to the gmail launch, and what was earlier thought to be the april fool joke of the year might just be knockout punch for a market dominated by yahoo, hotmail and aol. Gmail's text ads generated after scanning the messages for keywords have created some controversy, but most users wont care, anything for the 1GB. and ofcourse its better to have an email address like, rather than

Ofcourse google aint the only one offering 1GB of free email - there is another company in the fray (Spymac) making the same offer. again, as i said in a previous post, competition always benefits the consumer.

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