Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Real or stunt?

Sonia Gandhi seems to be backing out from becoming PM. Hopefully this is for real, and not a stunt to eventually come out saying "i was overwhelmed by the support and i could not help but accede to their request". In the meantime, the markets reacted positively to the news with the BSE sensex recovering 372 of the 564 index points lost on the previous day.


Anonymous said...

Its likely to be for real. I wouldn't be surprized though if she is immensely pressurized to reverse her decision. The reason I say its for real is that no person in her sane mind will do this, coz with a reversal, people WILL assume that it was a stunt and that will do her no good (remember even the liberal Indians will have it at the back of their mind that she is Italian-born).

Having said that, Indian politicians and sane mind may not be used in the same sentence :-)

- Niket

Aditya said...


this will be her last shot i believe - she has come too close to the pinnacle of power to turn back now - if she is desperate, she will take it with a nice spin on her story for reconsidering to be PM. next time, i am pretty confident people will ensure that she doesnt even get a chance at the seat of power. i hope they dont make me eat my words.