Wednesday, May 26, 2004

this day in history - legitimizing indian removal

Every morning i drive to work along I-565 and have driven past on US-72 towards Chattaonooga, TN and see signs every couple of miles indicating the highway to be part of the {Trail of Tears Corridor. I always wondered what it was till one day, i found that a veyr major highway very close to my apt was closed for the morning to allow for a massive bikers rally to commemorate the event - still didnt realize what event the newscaster was referring to. It started on this day 174 years ago, when the US Congress passed the Indian Removal Act to forcibly remove some 60,000 members of Native American tribes in the United States living east of the Mississippi River to areas further west. The most famous Trail of Tears is the path taken to move the Cherokee Indians to their new settlements in Oklahoma. In CHerokee, the Trail is remembered as Nunna daul Tsuny, literally translated as "the trail where they cried".

The actual commemoration of the event's history occurs with the largest "organized motorcycle ride in the south" (some claim the nation) with over a 100,000 bikes (trust me - that is a lot of them - you have to see it to believe it) starting from Cherokee, NC on Friday night traveling through Chattanooga and travels to Waterloo, AL passing through Huntsville, AL on US-72 and I-565. Check their website for details. It all happened due to an act of Congress passed on this day in 1830 under the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. A reminder to this day of the road traversed by the US to becoming the so-called "defenders of freedom and democracy"

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