Monday, May 24, 2004

after cow fodder - is it diesel locos?

laloo prasad yadav is the nation's new railway minister. he is heading the world's largest employer (Indian Railways - 1.6M employees). So after cow fodder, do we see the diesel locomotive scam before the end of 2004?

they used to say

jaba rbaDI hI KanaI qaI tÜ gaaya BaOMsaÜM ka caara @yaÜM caurayaaÆ
will it soon be

jaba rbaDI hI KanaI qaIÊ tÜ rolagaaDI ka [MQana @yaÜM caurayaaÆ

still not been able to nail down blogging in unicode devanagari fonts - but will hopefully manage it soon

Install Shivaji01 font to read this Devnagari page.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Jab rabdi hi khani thi..."

Translating into english it reads
If you had to eat your wife...

- Niket