Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why Transport Phenomena

In response to Manjusha's comment:

Why Transport Phenomena: Its the geekiest reason of them all ... transport phenomena comprises the various mechanisms by which particles or quantities move from one place to another. [Source: Wikipedia]. in my geeky world, it happens to be a very significant part of my engineering curriculum - both as an undergraduate and graduate student, and forms the basis of earning my livelihood :)

the Navier-Stokes equations is a set of PDEs that describe momentum transport (i.e. flow behavior) of fluids such as liquids and gases. The numerical solution of these equations is known as Computational Fluid Dynamics. The existence and smoothness of the N-S equations is one of the seven open problems in the Millenium challenge by the Clay Mathematics Institute (each prize worth $1M!). Here is the official problem statement.

i happened to have a copy of Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot's Transport Phenomena, the great text on the subject lying on my desk when i started this blog ... for lack of any more imagination on my part, this is the name the blog ended up with!! [Ref: R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart, Edwin N. Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena (1960) John Wiley & Sons, New York]

such geekiness ...... !!!


Anonymous said...

No geekiness involved there. It's actually pretty cool. You have a good mind, that's one of the best qualities about people. You share different things with the rest of us that maybe we know nothing about.

Mustang said...

Arghh... thoughts of BSL come back to haunt! Damn. I ended up buying two copies of the book coz couldn't understand the first one :(