Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The monsoon ....

Lone tree on Torana fort (Picture taken by mvramesh)

Its been a long time since i posted anything, things are extremely busy at my end. the book meme is still on my list to blog about ...

and in the meantime, the monsoon seems to be in full swing in india - and the western ghats are the ultimate place to be! the clouds descend upon the mountains, and the heavy rainfall leads to some incredible greenery and superb waterfalls - perfect for some monsoon trekking!

here is a picture by my friend ramesh ... who seems to have had a great time as he trekked alone at torna fort last weekend near pune. i would have loved to be there ... drinking a steaming hot cup of chai! reminds me of these lines of a song from milind ingle's गारवा
झाडावरून पक्षी सारे उडून गेले
जेव्हा भिजून गेले, पंखात नाद त्यांच्या हळूवार पावलांचा

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