Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rain rain go away ....

Dadar Station is unrecognizable as the flood waters continued to rise
(Image taken from

Incessant rains have lashed Mumbai for two days now, and created record rainfall levels for the whole country - more than 37 inches in some parts!! Move over Cherapunji, Mumbai has arrived to rewrite the record books, although in this case - Mumbaikars would be glad not to be the record holders. Almost 100 people are feared dead and millions of city residents badly affected. Thousands were left stranded all over the city as train services were shut down, buses came to a halt, airport closed, and power lines down. Mobile phone networks were overloaded and the army was called in for rescue and relief efforts. Yet, as always they could not hold down the spirits of the Mumbaikars, who have a way of getting over the adversity (sometimes merely shrugging it aside and getting on with it) ... and ofcourse there are always heroes, and a good deed needs to be told about to inspire more ...

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