Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Harbinger of the seasons?

Storm Crow : Clicked by Pandiyan.

Lately, I have gotten into the habit of checking out photos on flickr. there is an unbelievable treasure of spectacular photographs taken by amateur photographers from all over the world. and the format and design of the flickr website allows for some smooth browsing and navigation. i have quickly become a big fan of this site.

there is also a great number of indian photgraphers showcasing their accomplishments. this includes a sizeable number based in india - allowing us to see some great sights from india, its cities and villages and forests.

the present photo taken by pandiyan is one of those masterpieces. its a superb shot ... i cannot help but quote the late harivansh rai bachchan:

मैं ऊँचे अग्यात गगन की सुनता हूँ अनिवार पुकार
अंदर से कोई कहता है, उड जा उडता जा पर मार

the poem is about a young bird (from its eyes) as it grows up in a nest before getting out to fly on its own. the translation of those lines is somehting like this:
i hear the cry of the high unknown sky ... and a voice inside me says,'flap your wings, and fly away


pandiyan said...

Thanks aditya for the visibility you have given for my photo and the kind words you have said. This is my most popular photo in Flickr by for. I too like this because of a sense of freedom and individuality in a bright welcome world it conjures up.

Manjusha said...

Pandiyan, wonderful picture. The light, the composition. All about timing I guess!

Aditya, I have always wonder what the story behind your blog name & URL is (and if there is one at all!)
Care to enlighten?

Alka said...

Yes, the photograph is awesome. And the couples of lines stating Bachchanji is quite apt. But please inform us to which place this snap is clicked?

Aditya said...

alka - pandiyan is from chennai, and i believe he clicked it there. in the comments to the original flickr post, he says:

Only place from where I could be sure of getting all in place (flying birds and the rest) was on top of the building watertank! And that takes above the ground level. Fitting the tree properly into the frame and avoiding the watertanks of other buildings was too difficult for me.