Monday, May 02, 2005

Return ....

Its been an extended hiatus, nearly three weeks since the previous post. Gmail has since upgraded their email service quotas and they no longer have a scrolling counter. They merely say 2150megabytes and counting. The India-Pakistan series has successfully completed - Musharraf did come over and have his cup of tea inspite of my protest and the series will go down in history as the most well executed script in cricket history. How superbly delightful - we go over, win the test series and then the one-dayers 4-2, and when they come over, we let the tests tie at 1-1 and the one dayers have to be conceded in themost lame manner possible (the debacle in the final one day reminded me of the collapse against aquib javed in sharjah) ... ridiculous. But its a dead and gone and past issue that should be left alone.

On the personal front, had a chance to play another tennis tournament this weekend, and managed to win the doubles event ... and apart from that, me has had a chance to get re-acquainted with old contacts and get introduced to some new ones ('the world is small type' - much fewer than the six degrees of separation), all via the blogosphere. Its been nearly one year since my first post on this blog (that would be May 11, 2004). Also soaked in some sun and sand on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some of the pictures from the visit to Florida.

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SN said...

cool pics...esp the third...the cloud almost looks like ariel. I doubt the cricket series was so orchestrated though..didnt it have the usual "and we all fall apart" nursery rhyme touch to it?