Monday, April 11, 2005

World Cup Final deja vu

nothing seemed to have changed at all ... it was almost exactly like the world cup final of 2003 (india v/s australia). the aussies batting first and posting a very good score, and india crumbling under the pressure (even , except this time it was the final of the women's edition. led by some excellent batting up front by vice captain karen rolton, the aussie women beat the indians by 98 runs to claim their fifth world cup final victory. one of the interesting facts was that the second highest scorer for the aussies was Lisa Carprini Sthalekar - born in Pune(!) and now plays for New South Wales.

QUIZ UPDATE: The quiz questions for this week have been added - check here for the questions. The topic for this week is Indian Literature.


Mustang said...

talkin abt deja vu i hope u watched 6th ind-pak odi (the entire series infact!)...was pretty un-dejavuish!

Aditya said...

didnt watch it ... no deja vu at all ... but the home side lost 4-2 again .... it was the most 'well-staged' series if you ask me :)