Thursday, May 05, 2005

Distant Dream

Check out the new band Distant Dream, based out of the Ann Arbor area, who came out with their first album entitled A New Beginning. The website is superb and they have streaming access to all songs. A very good friend, and former classmate from the good ol' days in Bombay, Sujit Srinivas is the lead singer of the band, and also credited guitars, keyboards and arrangements. I think the 5$ price for the CD is a good one to pay - and from what Sujit tells me, it is mainly to cover the cost of production.

I like the music they have produced, and the concept of a story running through all songs is cool - it has been done before, and its no surprise that bands like Pink Floyd and Dream Theater who have done it previously have strongly influenced Distant Dream. Do check the music out, and if you like it, do let them know by getting your own copy!

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