Monday, March 21, 2005

US India - Defense and Strategic Affairs

THere are tons of interesting indian blogs out there - here is one focused on Strategic Defense affairs concerning India and the US - US India - Defense and Strategic Affairs. The authors are certainly an interesting bunch: Lt. Col Anil Bhat is a former spokesperson for the Defense Ministry and the Indian Army and then a defense analyst as well as an expert on India's NE security; Lt. Col. Sahukar is a former Indian ARmy paratrooper and a veteran of anti-terrorism operations in J&K; Jehangir Unwalla and Nikhil Khanna are affiliated with USINPAC, the US India Political Action Committee - which essentially seems like a lobby group for New Delhi on Capitol Hill - although their mission statement says that they want to ensure that we impact policy on issues of concern to the Indian American community.

Nevertheless its quite interesting and refreshing to note that those with exposure and experience to the goings-on in the world of India's defense are actually making a proactive effort to disseminate more information to the public and increase the awareness of the population at large regarding defense policy issues.

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Nikhil Khanna said...

Hi Aditya,
Thanks for your kind words and appreciation for our work. While USINPAC strives for better understanding and cooperation between the US and India on a variety of important issues and impacts policy of concern to the Indian-Am community at large, the Defense and Strategic task force (who we are a part of)within the PAC works on policy matters concerning Washington and New Delhi (solely). In other words, the objective of our blog is to follow the joint military relationship (and as you have seen increased collaboration between the 2 countries at all levels of the services), strategic affairs and dialogue emerging out of South Block and the Pentagon, and possibly, increased defense support by the US towards India as it pertains to specialized equipment. We'd love to hear your thoughts on articles appearing in our blog.