Wednesday, March 30, 2005

more than 450 authors for single paper

Here is a paper that appeared in this month's Physical Review Letters with more than 450 authors (i have not counted this number myself, but guessed it based on the number of lines, and an average number of names per line).

V.M.Abazov et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 091802 (2005)

The complete list of authors is below

I thought it would not be fair to just copy and paste it, would not have given a true idea of this monstrosity. but it seems rather ridiculous. i need to acquire this paper and find out what its about, sounds more like the entire authore list for the human genome or something like that.


SBR said...

In fact, the first paper from the same group came out in 2001; Quasi-model-independent search for new physics at large transverse momentum, in Physical Review D; 1 July 2001; vol.64, no.1, p.012004/1-24

And, it has a huge list of authors.

Aditya said...

calling it a group seems like a joke ... seems more like the population of a small midwestern town :)

Parag said...

I remmeber counting the number of authors on the "Sequence of the Human Genome" paper in Science. I think it was 274.

This "group" of authors in the paper that you mention is probably a consortium of groups at different institutions. It is common to combine results from different groups working in the same area. There are many such ubergroups in my field.