Monday, March 28, 2005


Prem Panicker called it Doomed by defence. I just called it a good old fashioned choke. A complete disappointment considering the position they were in when Sehwag got out. And the bad performance was at its ultimate worst when skipper Ganguly got out. To quote Panicker
"There was one moment in play that summed it all up for me. Afridi, around the wicket in the 56th over, bowled a delivery pitching about 2 feet outside leg, and a touch short. The batsman lunged forward, to a ball the length of which called for back foot play - the ball turned sharply in, beat the bat and hit the stumps.

Ganguly, the batsman in question, refused to move. He stood there, after Simon Taufel twice indicated he was out - apparently, the Indian skipper thought the keeper had taken the stumps off, or the ball had rebounded from the keeper; anything, in fact, but that he had made a fatal error of judgment.

Make no mistake, the ball was good - it turned in a good two feet from outside the left hander's off stump. But it was short of good length, a front foot prod was fraught with the risk of pushing into the close cordon's hand, or, as actually happened, got bowled.

Ganguly stood there, feet frozen, mind frozen, like a deer caught in the headlamps - a perfect analogy to sum up the day's play."

On a completely different note, there are other brighters spots on the horizon than the bangalore debacle. Ed Viesturs, who was the leader of the IMAX Everest expedition, and one of America's greatest mountain climbers will attempt to climb Annapurna in May this year. It is the last of the world's 14 greatest mountains that he has not yet conquered, and he has climbed Everest 6 times .... talk about having an adventurous life!! Everest (the IMAX movie) was a spectacular experience that brought the Himalayas and the mountain known as Mount Everest to life for viewers around the world, thanks to Ed and his expedition. Lets hope that Ed is successful in this adventure (after two previous failed attempts in 2000 and 2002). His complete journey to climbing #14 can be found here.

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