Sunday, March 20, 2005

The madness is too much ....

March madness is well and truly here ... and my brackets are in complete disarray. Pitt disappointed by going down to Pacific in the first round. And all the big guns are falling like crazy - Kansas, Syracuse and now Wake Forest. The double O/T game between the WVU Mountaineers (yes those hated mounties) and the Deamon Deacons of Wake was a great one ... and finally those 3 pointers pulled the mounties ahead. Boston College also fell - but their star was fading anyway, would have lost to 'Bama if not to Wisonsin Milwaukee.

With things really heating up in the NCAA tournament, look forward to more cinderella stories from the most unexpected of teams.

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Parag said...

Haven't kept up with March Madness this year. Miss those pre-fatherhood days.

Hey, no post about India's win??? Kumble kicked Paki ass bigtime. Did you miss that news in all the basketball madness?