Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Some funny blog posts

Some funny posts from the Indian blogosphere:

Saket Vaidya's plan to make a collection of pictures of indian women (from mumbai to be precise) in their daily lives for good wholesome family entertainment! (that last one cracked me up ...)

Chanakya's letter to the Pakistani people - its too funny, this part in particular: "You guys should see the number of foreigners patiently standing in line (even when there is none!) applying for drivers licenses in Bangalore and Pune. Some foreigners are even standing in line to become our next Prime Minister. "

The Indian blogosphere seems to be getting more and more interesting and enjoyable every day. Every day leads to the discovery of more and more good quality content!

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Manjusha said...

Ha ha ha.....hmmm.....weird. What else can I say?!