Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blog connections ...

Its funny how connections are made, and blogs help out ... here is a small anecdote:

A few days ago, I surfed my way through various photoblogs - not sure of the trail, but i am pretty sure started with a blog i regularly visit. As I surfed, I landed on Patina's Boondocks Photo Blog. In particular, I liked a picture of a boat abandoned on the shore off the Sea of Cortez. I was wondering where I had heard of the Sea of Cortez before, when I remembered that John Steinbeck (of the Grapes of Wrath fame) sailed there in 1940 on an expedition that led to several discoveries in marine biology. I had infact blogged about the Steinbeck expedition when NPR featured it as part of their Radio Expeditions series. I pointed Patina to that link, and sure enough - she had not heard about it, and was quite delighted to learn about the recreation of the original voyage. To quote her,

"I read the article via your link. wow, that was amazing. i had not heard about the Steinbeck expedition reinactment. great information. i will pass it along to the marine biologists that i traveled with to Baja. we spent a couple of weeks on the Sea of Cortez, ate delicacies provided by the sea, and saw lots of marine curiosities."

Its a cool feeling when something like this happens. Makes blogging worth it ... glad to be of help Patina.

I will leave with a picture of the Gus-D, the 1972 wooden hulled shrimp trawler used by the expedition to recreate the feel of Steinbeck and Ricketts' original adventure.

Image courtesy National Public Radio


Manjusha said...

It's amazing how one blog can lead to another and another...a long chain of connections. Not just of people, more importantly of ideas and thoughts.


Aditya said...

amen to that manjusha ...