Friday, June 10, 2005

Flashback ....

I was reading Flashback on Mustang's blog when I was suddenly reminded of the fact that i appeared for the GATE several years ago - well why would Mustang remind me of the GATE? Because there is an anecdote to go with it, with him being a part of it:

I wanted to appear for the GATE, but was late (as usual) and it was the last day for getting the forms. The forms were available from SBI branches, but all branches stopped issuing them a day before the last date. The only place where it was now available was the SBI branch at Andheri. So one of Mustang's classmates (Rohan) went all the way to Andheri to get me the form since I had labs that day and could not leave. And the next day, Mustang went all the way to IITB campus the next day (it was the last day to submit the form) and submitted my form for me!!

I remember going and appearing for the exam simply because both of them had taken all the trouble to get me registered for the exam - although I landed at the exam center without any preparation whatsoever!! and i also recollect that whenthe GATE results came out, that if i managed what i did without any effort, perhaps a little bit of preparation would have landed me with a great score, and possibly a completely different course of action after graduation!!! Ofcourse that was not to be .... and the GATE became just another anecdote! Yet, thanks to Mustang and Rohan for running across Bombay to help me out at that time ...

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter
John Keats


Mustang said...

Aaah... I do remember having been treated with a Mangola (or maybe it was Coke) :)

Manjusha said...

"I get by with a little help from my friends"? :)

Mustang, is that all? :o Come on, it's not too late to ask for more!!