Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ridiculous .... India's five-year-old policeman

It happens only in India
The Indian system allows a family member to take the post of a government employee who dies while in service - irrespective of age, and families needing the money will have to do it too. 5 year old Saurabh Nagvanshi goes to a police station and school on alternate days - the former to take his place instead of his father, and earn Rs. 2500/month to feed a family of 5 and his mother.

While its easy to condemn the system for exploiting children thus, its not quite straightforward to find another way to find a livelihood for the family when the only earning member dies. Part of the responsibility rests with the government - they have to provide adequate pension support to the widow so that she has the means to take care of the situation. But offering the same job to the kid, and making him do it irrespective of the age is nonsense. Bureaucracy at its finest ....


Mustang said...

its surprising...govt culprit of child labor... something that they themselves shud b fighting against!

Mustang said...

Child labor in India