Sunday, July 25, 2004

return of the sox?

the weekend saw a 3 game series between old rivals the NY yankees and the Boston redsox. friday night was an all too familar sight, with the red sox blowing a 4-1 lead half way with the yankees scoring 5 in the 6th, only to tie it again in the 8th. but we know the story - same old stuff ... a-rod hitting the game winning run in the ninth for a 8-7 win. saturday seemed like the same with the sox down 10-8 when rivera walked in to close it out for the yankees ... but an unbelievable finish - the red sox actually pulled back to win it 11-10 on a 3 run charge on the bottom of the ninth. it was an incredulous game - lots of fists thrown, benches emptying, players ejected ... and ofcourse a 10 run sixth inning - yeah no kidding ... 6 for the yankees and 4 for the sox!!

so it came to the decider on sunday - lots of well known personalities showing up at fenway - including john kerry (local senator, and ofcourse - soon to be nominated presidential candidate at the democratic convention later in boston this week), john glenn, ben affleck (an ardent red sox fan) ... the opening pitch by kerry - quite ugly, someone should have given him more practice!!

but either way ... the red sox powered their way to a 9-2 lead - but you could always sense the comeback - it seemed unavoidable - and when hideki matsui hit a grand slam in the 7th, it seemed like the curse was back ..... the red sox managed to hold on to the lead ... and won 9-6 in the end ... come october lets see if its deja vu :) we all know the curse of the bambino.

other sporting news:
lance armstrong won a record sixth consecutive tour de france ... this fella is just amazing ... his victory was amazing this year - come the mountain stages - you knew what would happen ... was just a matter of time before he showed his alpine superiority.

ricky williams retired! the already sidey dolphins sink further!

india lost to pakistan in the asia cup cricket tournament ...

this blog is probably a better option that or - a vain boast ofcourse :) would love to hear what folks have to sya about that ....

and on this day in 1978 was born Louise Brown - the first test tube baby, while in 1997, K.R. Narayanan was sworn in as the 10th president - the first dalit, a fact unncessarily hyped up so much by the media (esp the western press) - that narayanan's name has simply become synonymous with that fact! a travesty ...

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