Thursday, July 22, 2004


saw a documentary on man eating leopards of india on the discovery channel. this airs again on july 24. reminds a lot of jim corbett's superb documentation of man-eaters - specifically the man eating leopard of rudraprayag. the documentary also shows the efforts that are underway to identify and rectify the problems - set in the bori national park. some very simple but cool infrared detectors coupled with cameras to identify and photograph the nocturnal cats in the natural setting at night, in order to track the leopards responsible. the problem starts with habitat encroachment, and conflicts with humans living on the park vicinity - putting intense pressure on the ecosystem. i would like to bring up an earlier post about conflict of leopards in the sanjay gandhi national park in mumbai - leopards are instinctively creatures who leave people alone - but the constant conflict with humans lead the leopards to cattle preying - easy prey - later on extending to small kids, generally less than 10 years old - again easy prey. they do become sworn enemies of the people affected who do not spare efforts to kill the culprits - cannot blame them either. hopefully there will be a solution forthcoming ... before its too late ...

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