Thursday, July 29, 2004

cnn telecast ....

a few hilarious moments at the end of john kerry's speech at the DNC ... the convention organizer's microphone left on ... the guy was screaming for the balloons and confetti to come down ... it was only a matter of time before a prophanity came on air ... and then it came ... reminded me of SIr Humphrey Appleby in The Tangled Web story of The Yes Prime Minister series. Humphrey gives a radio interview to the BBC ... the interview is over ... but the microphone is still on ... and the cabinet secretary Humphrey lets go his mind on unemployment .... and what follows is pretty hilarious too ... and wisecrack bernard's suggestion to humphrey that he issue a press statement expressing sympathy for the unemployed, after all he might be joining them pretty soon!! but humphrey wiggled out of it ... and im pretty sure so will this guy - the organizer of the democratic national convention.

[UPDATE - i had a glitch posting this one ... posted it on the wrong blog ... duhhhh .... !!!]

[UPDATE - the news story just came out on this ...]

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