Friday, July 09, 2004

some convictions .... and some evictions

its been more than 11 years (march 12, 1993) since the bomb blasts in mumbai, but the indian justice system slowly seems to have worked its way around to convicting the accused. the big fish however continue to be sheltered abroad ... still far away from justice.

while come are being convicted for crimes they committed, others are being evicted for crimes they did not commit - i m referring to the leopards in mumbai's sanjay gandhi national park. for years, there has been sustained encroachment on the leopard's habitat by urban settlements. now the problems are rearing their head - the leopards are getting out of their habitat and into the human settlements, and ofcourse the eternal conflict - maulings, attacks and so on ... and the leopards have to be captured. but whats worse is that the government, instead of saying that they will remove the illegal settlements, is saying that there are too many leopards, and will bring their numbers down by relocating them to other forests. while some of the reasons do seem genuine, the fact remains that they have lost considerable ground to urbanization, and it is the illegal structures in the park that needs to go, not the leopards (atleast not so many of them). mumbai needs this big chunk of green to maintain a balance for all the other urban problems it faces.

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