Friday, August 12, 2005

Wide world of sports

Photo from Yahoo News

Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron of the NY Mets were involved in a horrific head to head collision in the outfield against the San Diego Padres. Both of them, running in at full speed to catch a fly ball off David Ross of the Padres were completely oblivious to the other's presence and dived full length for the ball. The resulting head-on collision stunned the crowd, and considering the impact, both players were lucky to get off lightly. Cameron had to be taken off the field on a stretcher with a broken nose, multiple fractures of both cheekbones and a slight concussion while Beltran suffered a sore left shoulder and a cut near his left temple.

Helmet to helmet hits in football are illegal for a reason, and Cameron and Beltran's head to head (without a helmet) impact certainly showed why!

Image from the BBC

Shane Warne in the meantime has crossed 600 test wickets - an unbelievable feat. Call him what you like, he can lay claim to be the greatest test bowler of our times. From an eminently forgettable debut (1/150) against India in the 1991-92 series at Sydney, Shane Warne has come a long way through suspensions, drug bans, phone sex scandals and more to keep coming back. Unlike some other premier wicket takers today, he has a clean action, and a great cricketing brain. Not to mention some stellar captains to lead the teams he has played on. Indians will always be quick to point out that his record against India, particularly in India (on spinning wickets) has been mediocre. But that cannot in any way undermine his achievement. There was a time when Kapil Dev's 432 really seemed incredible, but 600 is flat out awesome!! In just 14 years (one year of which was a 1 year ban!) !! And it was awesome enough that Sportscenter actually included his 600th wicket among top 10 plays of the day (at #8)!! In a country where a majority of viewers have no clue about the sport, making it to the top 10 plays certainly was an achievement .... !!

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