Saturday, August 20, 2005

Operation Red Flag

Watched the Imax movie 'Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag' today - its about a massive air warfare training exercise - the final tune-up training for pilots and their crews before being sent into actual combat. Presented by Boeing (one of the main sponsors of the movie), Fighter Pilot showcases all aspects of modern air warfare - including fighter aircraft, ammunition, airborne command and control (AWACS), dog fighting, search and rescue, as well as aircraft maintenance - giving a thorough overview of the people behind the scenes who allow the pilot to do his job well.

Like all Imax movies, this one comes loaded with some specatcular imagery (check out the 'making of' video clip on the movie website) and makes Top Gun look rather ordinary. In fact, the air sequences were shot by the same guy who worked on Top Gun. Unbelievable shots, and seeing it on an imax dome makes you feel as if you are in the air with the pilot. i wish the indian air force would come up with something like this - doesn't have to be in imax, just a small regular documentary ... to let the people know 'they are in good hands'. Fighter Pilot - Operation Red Flag certainly manages that. Definitely worth a watch ....

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