Tuesday, October 12, 2004

To Pakistan ... with thanks ....

that is the title of an article in Slate. in response to the purchase of F-16s by the Pakistanis:
Even if Pakistan were serious about fighting the Taliban, it could certainly find a better way to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars the F-16s will cost. But the Pakistanis gave a clue as to what they really want with the planes: They are requesting that the F-16s be armed with top-of-the-line air-to-air missiles that would be of little use against targets like the Islamists it's fighting on the ground. Other equipment Pakistan is getting from the United States—navy surveillance planes, for example—is similarly useless against a guerrilla insurgency. They would, of course, be useful in a war against India.


SBR said...

Isn't it ironic that people like us understand the internal motives of some people/countries, but those so called graduates from Yale and Harvard who are sitting in high chairs of the government don't?

RamV said...

hey .. saw the pics on your photolog ... nice pics
and the names of your pages are gripping ... at least to another CFD guy .. saw that you actually live in AL... me at UAB ...do drop by sometime

Anonymous said...

Oh, we are naive. Hence we see this issue so "simply". Does US care if Pak uses them against India? No. Not unless Indo-Pak situation becomes a threat to US itself.

See recent articles on Deeshaa and Acorn on this issue