Wednesday, October 20, 2004

red sox-yankees series .... parallels to ind-aus(2001)?

the red sox have already achieved something previously never accomplished by forcing a game 7 after being 3-0 down! a game 7 victory after being down 0-3 is something no one has achieved in the NHL or NBA either ... so the red sox are on the brink of going down in history .....

i had made a prediction before the series started that the red sox are going down again on a walk off run by the yankees ... and i was even brazen enough to pick my guy for the job. an unlikely hero - john olerud, taking over from aaron boone. was starting to get disappointed when the sox went down 0-3. but 3 amazing performances have left the series tied ... and my man olerud has his shot at greatness tonight. i aint a yankees fan, i would have hated to see the sox lose in 4 - heck i am delighted we are in game 7. but i wont mind if the yankees win tonight .... the fun will disappear if the curse were to end. nevertheless it should be a good game i think ... looking forward to it.

and now i think a lot of parallels can be drawn to india's comeback in the 2001 test series against australia. india were blown out in the second test, came and teetering on the brink of defeat after following on in the second test .... and narrowly pulled of an outright victory on the fifth day (like boston's comeback to tie the game in games 4 and 5) ... if the sox were to win game 7 (like india won the last test in chennai), it certainly will go into baseball history as one the best series of all time - folks will talk about it for a long time to come - just like the memorable win for india in 2001 :)

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Anonymous said...

This just goes to show that people who have never lived in the "trenches"-so to speak,of this rivalry,should just shut up-this being you blog notwithstanding, and enjoy the ride.John Olerud!!!!!what are you smoking???