Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the end of the curse?

the red sox are up 3-0 after last night's performance against the cardinals. now, i have been turned to supporting st. louis. its no fun if there is no fight coming forth. the cardinals have not had the lead even once in any of the three games so far ... hopefully things will turn around tonight.

what would be the ultimate heartbreaker for the red sox nation, and the ultimate endoresement of the curse of the bambino would be if the red sox, after accomplishing an unprecedented comeback from a 0-3 deficit (and against the Yankees too!!!) were to go down in this one in a 4-3 loss..... i think that would set boston back by a 100 years .... they would probably wish they had never beaten the yankees and lost to them in 4 or 5 games. atleast they wouldnt have to bear this embarassment....

but ofcourse, if all this is possible, it is also possible for me to walk on water, and then convert a jugful of that same water into sparkling champagne (to quote prem panicker - needless to say, during the comeback calcutta test of 2001!!). sox nation - looks like your day has finally arrived, almost ... or is your worst nightmare just about to begin ? :)

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