Saturday, September 03, 2005

Its finally here ....

Its the first Saturday of September, and that means that the college football season is finally underway ..... ending the painful and seemingly unending drudgery of regular season baseball on sports TV. And even on the first weekend, there are some interesting games to look forward to:

Pitt v/s Notre Dame: ex-NFL coaches Wannastedt and Weis try to restore their alma maters to football glory. this would be the best time to kick the irish out of championship contention. the games to win for pitt are this one, and against louisville (which has moved thisyear to the big east) ... go pitt!!!

Miami v/s Florida State: easily promises to be the best game this weekend. much as i dislike that team, i think this is the year Miami makes a comeback after two relatively disappointing years for the 'canes. And ofcourse, they always manage to bring the highly overrated (atleast in recent years) Florida State teams to their knees. Since the addition of VaTech and Miami last year, FSU's domination of the ACC has pretty much come to an end.

TCU v/s Oklahoma: actually this would have been a totally useless one, but for the fact that this game concluded with TCU upsetting the Sooners earlier today!!

VaTech v/s NC State: Marcus Vick makes his first start for VaTech - highly overrated IMO. Gets the attention simply because of the awesome skills of older bro Michael. I think this will be the year Marcus Vick goes bust ... or blossoms into a great option QB under Beamer.

Boise State at Georgia: The high octane Boise State offense comes to Athens to get real recognition for their program. But a lack of any credible defense will mean that they might come short.

either way ... looking forward to an exciting season of football. the NFL season opens Thursday with the Patriots taking on the Oakland Raiders featuring the first silver and black start for Randy Moss

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Parag said...

Didn't know that Wannastedt was back at Pitt and Randy Moss had moved to Oakland. Thanks!