Monday, September 12, 2005

Heroes ...

Despite the magnificent Warne,
Whose travails were immense but forlorn,
The brave men of Ponting,
Were sadly found wanting,
And now their prized Ashes are gawn ...
- BBC Sport Fan Reaction page

Image from Cricinfo

The Aussie juggernaut came to a screeching halt, as they lost the Ashes - and England have finally regained the Ashes have 18 long years! The same feelings are being evoked the world over, that spurted forth in 2000 when the Aussie win machine with 16 back to back test wins faltered in that unbelievable test match in Calcutta. It wasn't as dramatic, but exciting I'm sure it was. Shane Warne did his best to give the Aussies a chance, but Kevin Pieterson wouldn't have any of it ... and McGrath's arrogant 5-0 prediction remained exactly what it was - a slice of arrogant Aussie humble pie ... congratulations England ... and hats off the Aussies who came back time and again ... and went down fighting ... like true champions


Mustang said...

Bedekar...they've regained Ashes aft 16 long years...won the series after 18.

SBR said...

Reading about all the celebrations going in England, I wonder, if they value Ashes more than the World Cup.

SN said...

I agree with SBR. I think its like winning against Pakistan for the Indian team.