Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beer launcher

The ultimate weapon in a couch potato's armory - an robotic arm that extracts a drink from a fridge and propels it to your seat on the couch! A Duke University graduate has created just that - an automated way of extracting a beer can from his fridge and tossing it to him. This includes an elevator to bring the can out of the refrigerator before loading it into the catapult. The beer launcher is pretty darn cool and is sure getting some good publicity for its inventor John Cornwell.

Check out this video of the Beer Launcher

One thing I admire - the hands on skill of this guy! I have been to engineering school in India, but being hands-on is not a skill that is cultivated - at least not through the school curriculum (or perhaps the way it is enforced). The school system here in the US is quite good at encouraging this ...

Leonardo da Vinci would certainly have been proud of Mr. Cornwell.

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