Tuesday, February 13, 2007


About 6 months have passed since the last post on this blog. A lot of things have happened since, and I really mean a lot. These include
  • Its a new year ...
  • Federer has won another Grand Slam ... this time without dropping a set (he also won last year's Tennis Masters' Cup in Shanghai - giving James Blake a quickie tennis lesson)
  • I had a two month long trip to India ...
  • The BSE Sensex went up and down past 14000 a few times, the Dow has also had a few record breaking finishes
  • Saddam Hussain executed
  • Died - Milton Friedman, Rosa Parks,
  • Google bought YouTube for $1.65B
  • Rumsfeld is out of the Iraq situation
  • Shane Warne retired
  • Payton Manning actually won the Super Bowl
  • A new Windows OS was released - Vista; not only that, Microsoft finally came out the with IE 7
  • An iPhone was showcased by Jobs
  • Blogger has improved, and the blogs at blogger can be assigned tags now!! hear hear ...
If there have been more interesting events, I don't deny it ... these are the ones that seemed interesting at first glance (source Wikipedia of course!). But suffices to say that I plan to post a bit more regularly now ... let's see how things actually pan out ... after all, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip!

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Sharvari said...

Welcome back! Hoping to see more regular posts.