Monday, July 10, 2006

Boneheaded ...

This was supposed to be Zidane's moment of glory - a World Cup triumph to cap off a great career. Then came the boneheaded play of the game in the 110th minutes - the headbutt that got him thrown out of the game, bringing a shameful ending instead of a fairytale one. What exactly transpired is not quite clear - but it seems that he may have been taunted, racial slurs perhaps. But whatever the Italian player might have said to provoke him - the headbutt was simply the stupidest thing to do, and the red card was certainly well deserved. This will go down in the annals of soccer as one of the most bizarre events in World Cup finals history - one that might have cost France their World Cup.

Here is a compilation of Zidane at his best - some unbelievable moves - the ones that made him a star! no boneheaded plays here .... all class!

Only one thought comes to mind - if only he had resisted the rush of blood, perhaps the World Cup final might have had a different outcome

On a totally different note, it was interesting to note the difference between the Wimbledon presentation ceremony earlier in the day, and the World Cup ceremony. Literally seemed as far apart as a quiet black tie dinner and a rowdy party at a dance club. Wimbledon (and tennis presentations in general) are a lot like those in cricket - the losing finalist is well taken care of - quite a civilized affair overall ... a far cry from the ceremonies in the US (NBA/NFL etc.) where the loser is literally banished from the site to brood over his loss while the celebrations begin.
"The winner takes it all, the loser standing small " -
not quite true IMHO ... the loser certainly desrves better.

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