Sunday, February 20, 2005

Recognition of the common man

A lot of my posts in the immediate future will be based on stories that were news when i was in india in the past month .... part of it will be showcasing what is actually covered as news in india ... it turns out that what we see as news on websites is often quite different from the way it looks in print. i will try to show the latter, esp for those who are in the US and do not get a chance to pick up a newspaper and read the goings-on in India.

The Republic Day awards were announced and one richly deserved Padma Vibhushan went to R.K.Laxman, one of india's greatest, most renowned (esp if you do not count bal thackrey as a cartoonist!)and respected cartoonists, whose works have been adorning the Times of India for more than fifty years. Today, Laxman's mention brings to mind the common man, a perennial presence in every one of his cartoons, and who has been a common factor in every event that shapes india. Laxman's cartoons continue to be a bright spot in the daily ToI issue, even as it degenerates into a first rate tabloid, the Slimes of India.

Here is the ToI news article that announced the award for Laxman, and this cartoon of himself with the common man is in itself a masterpiece, showcasing Laxman's ability to draw superb cartoons of all subjects, including himself.

The statue of the Common Man at the Symbiosis Institute in Pune is an honor to Laxman, who is on their board of trustees. Although it seemed a little short on the legs, the statue certainly is an excellent rendition of Laxman's creation, one im sure RKL was satisfied with.

Hopefully, we will continue to see the common man and Laxman for several more years ....


SBR said...


If you are like me, who really like the feel of holding a newspaper in hand and reading it, then the closest solution I can suggest is epaper by TOI (or SOI, if you prefer to call it a tabloid). You can choose whichever city you want, and it is free for the last 7 days. I wish other newspapers come out with the 'online version of the print version' too.


Aditya said...

i know about it - while it is the next best thing, reading a newspaper has certainly become a painful time consuming affair. i dont know how folks manage to go through so much news and information and websites and blogs every day.

i had to go on vacation to be able to appreciate the joys of reading the newspaper again ...