Sunday, November 28, 2004

BCS mayhem ...

i am back after a very long timeout ... been traveling, been busy ... and then been chilling out on the thanksgiving break ....

but in the meantime, the pitt panthers led by QB tyler palko (who threw the the obscenity on national tv after the notre dame game, not to mention 5 TDs against the irish, more than any other QB in history - since matched by "that heisman wannabe" matt leinart) and coach walt harris have won a share of the Big East title, while being completely below the radar till this week, when they upset the west virginia mountaineers in the backyyard brawl. and now the big east, while making a mockery of the BCS - seems almost certain to send pitt to the big dance, unless a conspiracy thwarts the inevitable.

here is one time where its really good to see how bad the BCS is :) ... go pitt!

1. john walters at cnnsi puts forth an explanation of how the BCS really has not failed ... and why auburn is getting their just desserts for wasting their non conference schedule on lowly Louisiana-Monroe, The Citadel, and Louisiana Tech.

2. ironically, the losses for pitt so far have been to nebraska (a last second miss to a team who didnt even get enough wins to make to a bowl game), syracuse (who will probably lose out to pitt in the big east championship tie breaker), and the uconn huskies who till last year werent even a big east football team!! but for those silly losses, pitt could have been in the sugar bowl playing auburn (ofcourse, if i have to dream, why settle for anything less than the national championship!!) - but seriously, pitt is quite bad this year, and i have a feeling utah will tear them apart in the fiesta bowl.

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